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Ghostein was awarded the Best Narrative in Game Jam Plus 2018, tells the story of a boy who is guided by a ghost who helps him out of a concentration camp in the midst of World War II. Ghostein was done in Unity in 2D pixel art style. The game has a different gameplay, as in addition to controlling the ghost, we guide the boy through posters, which indicate what he should do. Ghostein is part of the Short Game Collection released for Nintendo Switch.

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“This is an incredibly challenging title where the boy’s movements are determined by the signs you put up as the ghost.”


“A gameplay é bastante inovadora”


“Ghostein non ha paura di affrontare una pagina tragica della storia del Novecento, rimanendo però essenziale.”


“Ghostein made me cry.”


“Este pequeno jogo tem uma grande história, sendo que sensibiliza o público para o terror do holocausto, e simultâneamente prova que o amor supera todas as barreiras."


“The mechanics of Ghostein are an original concept of using posters as a way to ensure safe passage.”

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